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Massages & Relax

Dear Guest,
in our wellness area you can take advantage of special treatments for your complete relax.

De-stress Massage:
Massaggio total body rilassante, operato con manualità distensive e avvolgenti; eseguito con un olio naturale idratante per la pelle. Durata 1 ora € 65,00.

Riflessologia plantare:
Traditional relaxing massage with kneading, stroking and smoothing movements. Stimulates the circulation and muscle tone. 1 hour € 65.00.

Foot Reflexology Massage:
Reflexology is a specialised foot massage that concentrates on every part of the body by means of pressure points on the foot. The application of firm pressure to these points helps to unblock energy channels and increase circulation. 1 hour € 65.00.

Sport Massage:

Massage in preparation for sporting activities or for relaxing the muscles and reducing your lactate level afterwards. 1 hour € 65.00.

Draining Massage:

Special massage with draining and detoxifying effects. Recommended for water accumulation in the tissues, cellulite and local fat pads. 1 hour € 75.00.

Partial Massage:

Localized massage in specific area, which can be legs, face, neck, back and shoulders. 1hour € 65.00.

Specific Massage:
Special massage using a natural skin care oil or cream based on the individulal need. Provides deep relaxation, nourishes the skin and models the contours of the body.

1 hour € 75.00

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