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Wine Hotel Retici Balzi

Your exclusive stay in the heart of Valtellina

Wine Hotel

Lanzetti’s family is glad to welcome you to this magical place of Valtellina. A very warm and professional welcome for all our guests. Finally a dream come true in the heart of terraced vineyards which are very famous in the history of Italian wine production. Armando and his family impart hospitality, respect for the ambient and promotion of this wine region.

The lead role is without any doubt the Nebbiolo grape. Our valley offers many opportunity focused on all the aspect concerning to wine and food, culture and naturalistic attractions. Elegance and attention to detail: this hotel is the perfect place to relax and to enjoy the generous Italian hospitality. Each room is inspired by different local reds wine to thank all the producers who are making this region great.

Inspired by Valtellina cutting-edge red wines.

Unique and charmy rooms, for a relaxing stay.

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in the heart of Valtellina

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