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La via dei Terrazzamenti

The Vineyard Route (Via dei terrazzamenti) is a 70-kilometre pedestrian and cycle path linking Morbegno and Tirano, the lower and the middle valley, at 300 to 700 metres a.s.l., halfway up the Rhaetian slopes, with terraced vineyards and a valuable cultural heritage. Along the way are 40 rest areas with benches, bike rests and info panels about nearby artistic heritage, it is easily accesible from Wine Hotel Retici Balzi.

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La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Tirano)
La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Tirano - Sondrio - Morbegno)
La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Chiuro - Sondrio - Berbenno)
La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Berbenno - Morbegno)

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