Bernina Express

The highest mountain railway in the Alps provides a link between northern and southern Europe.
Since 1910 Bernina Express connect Tirano to Chur (the oldest town in Switzerland), Davos and St. Moritz running along 122 kilometres, 55 tunnels and 196 bridges.
So take your seat, the panoramic train climbs up over 2200 metres passing through the cosmopolitan region of the Alps, Engadina.
A wonderful sightseeing on a UNESCO world heritage site.

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Retica Railway T:(+39)0342 701 353 or +41(0)81 288 54 41
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The "Sentiero Valtellina"

The "sentiero Valtellina" goes along the river called Adda and it is a cycle-pedestrian path which passes through several small cities and charming villages of our valley.

Along the route there are several stations where you can have a rest. They are also equipped by playground and barbecue. The railway that runs along the river allows you short connections between Sondrio, Morbegno and Tirano.

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Mineralogical Museum in Valmalenco

This mineralogical Museum was born in the little town of Lanzada with the idea of ​​telling tales about an ancient activity that has marked life of the villagers and strongly connoted Valmalenco's landscape: the extraction of talc.
The visit is divided into three thematic parts:

Visit to the Gallery:

- Encounter with talc;
- Phases of work in the mines, farming system, meeting with quartz
Mining Museum:
- The encounter with history, about men and objects of the work in the mines and other extractive activities.

La Via Dei Terrazzamenti

The “Via dei Terrazzamenti” is a trekking path located on the Retiche Alps of Valtellina. An exciting trail through the nature and the vineyards just few minutes walk from Wine Hotel Retici Balzi. This is the most typical area of ​​agricultural landscape of Valtellina, concerning vineyards but also from historical and artistic, civil and religious buildings of great value and interest, strongly representative and loads of symbolic value.

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La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Tirano)

La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Tirano - Sondrio - Morbegno)
La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Chiuro - Sondrio - Berbenno)

La Via dei Terrazzamenti (Berbenno - Morbegno)

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